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Nvidia on OVS 2.2


Have a need to setup Nvidia driver on the OVS 2.2 server to support dual monitor but failed to do it for lon time. Thus, I left it as ‘mirror’ mode for quite a while.

Finally, I managed to have it done after few test and research. It works well now in twin-view mode as extended desktop.

The same technique doesn’t work with my older versions of Nvidia driver (v260, v275). At least it works with the latest version v320.

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New home for Virtual Machines topics


Started a new blog that dedicate to my project about Virtual Machines.

Also hosted it here or here


Virtual Box project with Oracle 11gR2 RAC


Start to work on the project that I was thinking for a while – build my Oracle 11gR2 RAC using iSCSI disks provided by FreeNAS all within Virtual Box. I decided to use ubuntu 64 bits host as EL4 host does not work well with Virtual Box RAC guests.

It will be few stages:

1- install FreeNAS 0.7.1 to provide storage for RAC via iSCSI.

2- install and setup EL5 guests on all 3 target RAC nodes and prepare DNS for SCAN VIPs.

3- install 11gR2 Grid Infrastructure with ASM.

4- install 11gR2 RAC RDBMS on two of the RAC nodes and create RAC database.

5- add the 3rd RAC node via GPnP service.


Oracle 11gR2 RAC on EL5 using VirtualBox and FreeNAS


Revisited the VMs in my VirtualBox hosts and spotted few minor setup problems on EL4 guests that housing  my Oracle 11gR1 RAC. Also not happy about the slow performance when creating new database in the cluster. Try to shift the disks from IDE controller to SATA controller but the VMs just hang when boot. Still looking for solution to use SATA controller on EL4 as the driver from Dell seems not working for me.

Moreover, exploring on install Oracle 11gR2 RAC with EL5 under VirtualBox. Still considering using FreeNAS as shared storage as per its small footprint and simplicity.


Windows guests hang


Haven’t start my Windows guests for a while and recently upgrade VirtualBox to 3.0.4 and found that two of them still works but the other two just hang during boot at welcome screen.

Boot them in safe mode hang after mup.sys loaded. Google around and found solution to ‘disable interppm’ after boot the CD or recovery console. However, they seems can’t help.

Finally figured out that the two guests have 3 HDDs while the other two only have 2 HDDs. After few try by errors. My workaround is to set the HDD to use SATA0, SATA2, SATA3. Not using SATA1 seems resolve the problem for me.


VirtualBox with EL4


Still failed to start VMs in VBox (both version 2.2 and 3.0) on brand new EL4U5 host installation.

Hit this error:
!!Assertion Failed!!
Expression: paPages[i].Phys != 0 && paPages[i].Phys != NIL_RTHCPHYS && !(paPages[i].Phys & PAGE_OFFSET_MASK)
Location : /home/vbox/vbox-2.2.0/src/VBox/VMM/MMHyper.cpp(621) int MMR3HyperMapPages(VM*, void*, RTR0PTR, size_t, const SUPPAGE*, const char*, RTGCPTR64*)

Search for solution and found a defect/bug had been logged for a year and still outstanding.

However, after few try by error, I deduced that I need to boot my host with UP kernel rather than SMP kernel.
Thus, I can resume my Oracle RAC test on VBox.


Sun Virtual Box 3.0


Great news, this version now support Direct3D and multiple CPU in virtual machines.

Don’t know why, since the upgrade to version 2.2+ all my guests no longer start on Enterprise Linux host. It make my test of Oracle RAC delayed.