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New file format for YouVersion Bible Reader


Haven’t use YouVersion for quite a while due to its keep prompting error about connection problem during offline reading.Latest update need me to convert the old offline bible files into new format which expand from a single file into a branches of directories which hold individual books.

On the other hand, offline reading now resumes normal.


MySword 3.1 provides multilingual interface


MySword team has released the 3.1 RC9 which supports multilingual interface. Following languages are provide for the moment:

  • Chinese (Simplified & Traditional)
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Korean
  • Portuguese-BR
  • Tagalog

Few other languages are coming. Its modules format are very close to e-Sword v9/v10 (sqlite) modules. Someone even rename the modules so that they can be use.

After I tried it, few minor issues still detected. Thus, I updated my utility in order to export my existing e-sword modules more precisely.


MySword 3.0 Released


MySword team has released 3.0 for their Android bible study tools. It works pretty well on my Android-x86 3.2 eeepc image on Ideapad S10e. The wider screen on the netbook make it quite convenience.


Free book for every month in 2012 from Logos


Logos is nice enough to offer free book every month in 2012. Resident of US may also enter a draw which may win a complete set of the books the freebie belongs to.

More details here.


One new Chinese Translation for theWord


Just found that the Word now offer one more Chinese translation to download: 中文英皇欽定本 Chinese King James Version. Again, both Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese are available. Thus, make it one of largest Chinese bible translation provider as non-Chinese software developer.


  • 中文英皇钦定本/中文英皇欽定本 Chinese King James Version
  • 漢語拼音聖經/汉语拼音圣经 Romanized Chinese
  • 簡明聖經/简明圣经 Jian Ming Sheng Jing
  • 和合本 Chinese Union Version
  • 和合本連原文編號/和合本连原文编号 Chinese Union Version with Strong’s number
  • 文理和合本 Chinese Union Version – Classical Chinese
  • 新英語譯本聖經/新英语译本圣经 Chinese NET Bible® – Chinese New English Translation (Limited notes)


  • 和合本修訂版/和合本修订版 Revised Chinese Union Version
  • 新譯本/新译本 Chinese New Version
  • 新英語譯本聖經/新英语译本圣经 Chinese NET Bible® – Chinese New English Translation (Full notes)

Vysro giveaway free books every month


Vysro, a subsidiary of Logos, is generously allow customers to download some books for free every month as promotion. Those books are compatible to both Vysro or Logos reader on mobile and Logos 4.


New Chinese Bible Translation for theWord


Just found that Costa managed to include two new Chinese Translations. They are CNV (Chinese New Version, 新譯本聖經) and CNET (Chinese NET, NET聖經中譯本/新英語譯本聖經). Both Traditional Chinese version and Simplified Chinese version are provided. Like NET, free version comes with limited notes and full version includes all notes. Both premium bibles only cost US$4.95 each. Also worth to point out that CNET is not yet available for other bible study program and exclusively from theWord for the moment.