Android-x86 ICS on Ideapad S10e


Failed to use 4.x Android on my Ideapad for both RC1 and RC2. They simply hang there.

Just found that there is a thinkpad universal version with 4.0.3 but offer as torrent download. Thanks for Stefan Seidel who made it happened.

Managed to find alternative download and try. It works like a charm on my lenovo Ideapad S10e and also works on my Toshiba Tecra M6, Toshiba Portégé M500.

Few things not working
– ‘Home’ key not working
– touchpad behave as touchscreen (still works but not easy to use at all)
– cannot use fake SD card.
Otherwise, it is almost prefect for me as v2.3 can use Wifi while all readers simply close in few second. Compare to v3.2, v4.0.3 can use Wifi so that I can install programs directly from Google Play.

File checksum:
MD5: f7f6cb61ea05aa4a64e082530af6717b
CRC: A421263A
SHA1: d2629d2466f76147907c94d0f5e62f56b10088cf


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