Using Android 2.2 on HTC Touch Pro


Bought a Huawei Android phone that works great and really want to do something against my HTC Touch Pro.

After some research and referring to this wiki.

Finally, I copied the XDandroid packages to the SD card and boot the android 2.2 and it works.

WiFi and Market both work fine.

Here is detailed steps:

  1. Download this package and uncompress it.
  2. Also download latest update here and extract the file ‘system.ext2’ into ‘andboot’ folder.
  3. Copy STARTUP.txt From ‘andboot\STARTUP CONFIG\RAPH’ to ‘andboot’.
  4. Transfer ‘andboot’ to SD card of HTC Touch Pro.
  5. From the phone, navigate to the andboot folder.
  6. Tap the haret.exe and it shall boot the phone.
  7. After a while, it will prompt for calibrate the touch screen ( when white square with cross appear). Tap all the five locations (top-left, top-right, center, bottom-left, bottom-right).
  8. Wait for a minute or two. Done.

For the moment. battery life is short (about 10+ hours and only back camera is working. GPS reception is still bad.


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