QuickGPS update failed on HTC Touch Pro


QuickGPS update always failed on my HTC Touch Pro with “Connection failed” error. Found that I can download the file from here and copy to Windows directory via ActiveSync. This workaround works for me.

Poor GPS reception problem still persist for a short while but it resume normal now. Not sure it is related to HSDPA as I re-enable this after the update too. It is claimed that turn off HSDPA can save battery life.

[Update on 04-Sep-2009, the GPS poor reception problem came back after I turned off HSDPA. Otherwise, GPS just need few seconds when HSDPA is turned on.]


One comment

  1. […] found people seems to have same problem as mine, thus search around to found a better fix than the manual download method. Now my HTC Touch Pro can down the update […]

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