More free Bible Study Software


These 3 software are free but two of them start with nag screen to ask you upgrade to the complete version on CD, which is also “free” except for a shipping and handling fee. The last one has Suite Editions for purchase as download or CD.

A Free Bible Software

A Free Bible Software

The first one is BiblePro that provide two standard Bible text and few other resources. The CD provides 43 Bibles while it can handle upto 52 predefined Bibles, anything else will be named “Bible” only. This really limit the product’s expandability. Contemporary resources will be consider as premium modules  (not yet available). Chinese Bible Text only available from CD but no localization support.

Bible Software Should Be Free

Bible Software Should Be Free

The second one is called BibleMax. It seems to be the twin brother of BiblePro.  Its website and most features are very close. BibleMax provides more free resources for download (e.g. 46 Bible text) and its user interface is quite nice. However, Chinese Bible text does not display properly while localization also not cater here.

Bible Study/Analysis Software

Bible Study/Analysis Software

The last one is  Bible Analyzer. It comes with few standard resources.  Module creation tool is available with Suite Edition. Localization and Chinese Bible text seems not available too. However, it use SQLite database make it a bit easier to create modules


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