VirtualBox with EL4


Still failed to start VMs in VBox (both version 2.2 and 3.0) on brand new EL4U5 host installation.

Hit this error:
!!Assertion Failed!!
Expression: paPages[i].Phys != 0 && paPages[i].Phys != NIL_RTHCPHYS && !(paPages[i].Phys & PAGE_OFFSET_MASK)
Location : /home/vbox/vbox-2.2.0/src/VBox/VMM/MMHyper.cpp(621) int MMR3HyperMapPages(VM*, void*, RTR0PTR, size_t, const SUPPAGE*, const char*, RTGCPTR64*)

Search for solution and found a defect/bug had been logged for a year and still outstanding.

However, after few try by error, I deduced that I need to boot my host with UP kernel rather than SMP kernel.
Thus, I can resume my Oracle RAC test on VBox.


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